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Politics and the Kingdom of God

Click here for an article and discussion from Justin Holcomb in which he says “Neither an overly pessimistic nor an overly optimistic view of politics serves Christians well” in his discussion about The Kingdom of God and Politics.

The Journey has always kept itself out of the political realm.  I am wondering if that is actually false–that we are very much in the political realm.  We talk about the fallacies of following politics to change the world.  We talk about the importance of following Christ.  We talk about the Kingdom of God bringing real change. 

An important question, then, as you read Justin Holcomb’s piece:   How do we interact with politics when we have a realization that the way to change hearts and minds is through Christ’s teachings?  What is our role now?


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  1. In systems terms, “Politics” is usually done at lower-leverage points in the system (changing the rules of the system), while Jesus tends to focus his energy at the higher-leverage points (changing the mindset that undergirds the system). That said, I am glad some Jesus-followers have worked in the area of changing-the-rules–William Wilberforce and the abolitionists, for example.

  2. michael says:

    I have been thinking a lot that it really is about energy. The emotional, mental, intellectual, and physical energy put into thinking about, debating, debunking, and even championing causes seems futile to me a lot of the time. Maybe it is just frustration. It does not mean the issues are unimportant, but is politics the way to make change? Where could our energy be best served in actually changing lives?

  3. I agree with Justin’s main idea that “Neither an overly pessimistic nor an overly optimistic view of politics serves Christians well.” I think loving my neighbors means being mindful of how I treat them as individuals, but also of how they are affected by the larger social systems of which I am part.

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