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Monday Links

DJESUS UNCROSSEDAn interesting discussion on the SNL sketch and what it says about American Christianity.

BULLYING & THE HOPE OF CHRISTA story of bullying and finding hope.

JUMPING FROG ORIGAMI:  Here is the jumping frog origami we did during our service yesterday.  Give it a try!

CURING BLINDNESSThere may finally be a scientific cure for blindness.  The picture is pretty cool.

Where are the happiest place to live?  The real question–what is “happiness”?

The new CEO of yahoo demands that her employees work from home.  But is that the better option?

BOYS PLAYING WITH DOLLS, OH MY!:  I like the response to the response of the Sesame Street episode.  But I also like my (Michael’s response) when my daughter once asked me if I played with dolls.  I said “Yes, but back in the 70′s and 80′s I had to pretend they weren’t dolls and call them action figures!”

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