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Monday Links

TIMELY POST: Jesus did not come to fix it all. Jesus came to be with us in it all. Emmanuel!

THE WEB’S RAGE MACHINE: Two theories on how to break “web rage”. Being mad these days takes little emotional investment.
THE MANLIEST THING ABOUT ME:  The definition of “manly” is now open for interpretation. Happy day for all males!
WHO DO YOU TRUST: Clergy now rank 7th on the professional people trust scale. What does this mean for the church?

WHEN YOUR MOTHER SAYS SHE’S FATWhat that says to the child listening.

PASTOR STRESSORS: The pastors of The Journey (Robb, Michael, & Jackie) deal with very little of this. That is heartening!

THE WOMEN OF ADVENT:  Ruth’s story is one of five told in this series.

GAY WEDDING CAKES (2 Links)A judge has ordered a cake maker in Colorado (Masterpiece Wedding Cakes) to make cakes for gay couples despite his religious beliefs. If you have not followed this story it brings up a lot of interesting points of view. Skye Jethani does not believe in gay marriage, but makes a case for how to love your neighbor even when you disagree with their beliefs. Whatever one’s opinion on gay marriage, there must be a way for people who disagree with each other on this, or any subject, to treat each other with the respect and love of Christ.

THE FREEDOM OF THE POPE: This post looks at why Pope Francis has had such a stunning year.

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