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THIS IS GOOD. . .REALLY GOOD–MAYBE MY FAVORITE POST EVERI (Michael) could have written this post word for word, especially this excerpt: “In our neo-nomadic lifestyles of 21st century America, the odds of growing old with neighbors, friends, and unfortunately, even family are growing worse and worse. Searching for a better house, a better church, a better job, a better climate, etc. seem to be the carrot in front of the horse of modern citizens of the West. The story of easy mobilization combined with individualism and consumerism has continually crashed over us rendering us frightened of things such as stability and rootedness. It is difficult to grow old with those we move away from.”

10 MOST SPIRITUALLY LITERATE FILMS OF 2013: Good list here. Especially Philomena.

FOOTBALLS: Why footballs are shaped that way.

DOGS, POOP, & THE EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELDYou have probably never thought about this.

KIDS & YELLING: Why I stopped yelling at my child.

HELLO, MY NAME IS THE CHURCHA message from the church to people who do not want to go.

ATHEIST CHURCHES: After a tumultuous 2013 can atheist churches last? I know, you probably did not know such things existed.

SHIPPING CONTAINERS AS HOMES: A YMCA in London tries something radical to end homelessness.

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