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Monday Links

GOD & THE BIBLE: An interesting argument about whether humans have traditionally placed the Bible on a higher pedestal than God would.

YOUR DAUGHTER’S FUTUREForbes provides opinon on 7 ways people can hurt their daughter‘s future. Found this interesting after our teaching yesterday on Jesus and Women. Wonder what Jesus would say to American girls today?

SCIENCE vs. FAITH–NOBODY IS WINNINGThis post looks at the polarizing issues of science vs. faith and the politics and religion that skew thoughtful discussion.
RICKROLLING “NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP”Ummmm. . . this is just kind of cool.

BIG BANG & THEN INFLATIONThe theory known as inflation is currently the dominant theory for those big bang evolutionists.
PRIESTS, ABUSE & NUMBERS:  This is horribly sad for many reasons and a reminder of how broken things can be.

SITTING TOO MUCH?The health problems of sitting too much.

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  1. pat wilder says:

    Good morning, dean and i wanted to thank you for the dedication service yesterday for Luca. It was beautiful. I so enjoyed your sermon. Now I am enjoying your postings on the web site….was very interested in article on do we hold up the bible higher than God…..
    Again thank you for all the work you are doing at the Journey. You all there are blessed to be a blessing…..
    Peace…..pat wilder

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