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DIVE! Expansion Letter

To All parties interested in making a dent in food waste and hunger,

Do you realize 50% of all food produced in America today ends up in landfills? Did you know that last year almost 49 million Americans, 16 million of which were children, lived in food insecure households, not knowing where they would get their next meal? In Colorado alone, 14% of people live in poverty, 18% of which are children. 16.2% of our population faced food hardship last year, meaning they did not know where there next meal was coming from. These are not just statistics. These are real people in real need. We can help.

I am asking you to consider helping with DIVE!, a program started 4.5 years ago to save food waste from dumpsters in the Denver metro area. DIVE! brings together a solution to the problem of food waste and the food insecurity of so many people, including many children. DIVE! works with local grocery stores to stop throwing food away, and instead take it to food banks. Most food is edible for a time substantial enough after the expiration date has come and gone to still be safely consumed by humans – this happens all the time.  Also note that most food banks are setup to freeze food, and as I mentioned, there is no shortage of people that need food.

The simple plan is this: Recruit people that are willing to, once a month, spend a max of 2 hours picking up food from a grocery store, and take to a food bank.  As people sign up in similar geographic locations, we will reach out to grocery stores in the same neighborhood as the people that sign up, and convince these Grocery Stores to allow us to come in 1-2 times a weeks, and collect food they by law have to remove from their shelves because of expiration dates. There are many food banks in the same neighborhoods that will be willing to take the food.

The Journey in Westminster, CO – organized a small group of people from the Journey Church  that have been doing this exact thing for the past 4.5 years.  A continually evolving team of approximately 20 people have been picking up food from the Whole Foods at 92nd and Sheridan twice a week and bringing it to the Arvada food bank and also the Growing Homes food bank.  They are organized into 2 person teams, and so the commitment is every 5 weeks. Two hours, every 5 weeks, and to date they have saved more than 90,000 pounds of food from going into the dumpster, and have instead redirected that food to people in need.

The vision is very simple – get as many of these 20 person teams as possible organized all over of the Denver Metro area, and see what happens. If you are interested in making a very small time commitment that translates into a very large impact, please respond, and together we’ll make it happen. Respond with a way to contact you – either phone or email, and major cross streets where it would be convenient for you to pickup from a grocery store. For some people this might be close to home or work.

Also you might be interested in the inspiration behind this program

Please forward this email/letter to your friends and family, and/or post it on Facebook.  Of course, the key is to get teams in place, so the more the merrier.

Thanks for your attention and consideration.



Ed Vaughn

The Journey

303.408.7118 – Mobile

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