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Daniel’s 10 Day Challenge from Teaching (11/2/14)

Here is a reminder to take Daniel’s 10 Day Challenge from our teaching today:

FIRST: Think through your values (pray & identify some)

SECOND: Take the 10 Day Challenge

THIRD:  Pick 1 area you can take action in your choices

Maybe it will involve what you eat, like Daniel.

Maybe it will concern what you feed your mind?

Maybe it will be looking for “Now God” moments each day

Maybe it will be an attitude you have toward an superior.

Maybe it is 10 days without complaining to anyone.

Maybe for then next 10 days you’ll choose to read the book of Daniel (12 chapters)

Maybe you are suffering now & you choose to find meaning in the pain

Maybe you will choose who you will start listening to.

Maybe you will choose your mood rather than letting a boss, co-worker, fellow student, neighbor, or family member choose it for you.

Or maybe it is something else that is specific to you.

Take action. Do something. Make choices based on your values.

Let us honor God with our choices.

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