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April 17 Teaching (Childlike Faith)

TEACHING:  Sunday April 17th’s teaching, “Childlike Faith” (click here to listen), spoke to the importance of opening ourselves up to a faith that allows for wonder and awe, the ability to be imperfect, and the intimacy of deep-rooted trust. Take a listen and consider passing these podcasts on to people who may need to hear them.

“Childlike does not mean shallow.”
-Jennifer Lane
“Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck. Faith is the solvent that sets you free.”
-Shannon Alder
What does it mean to have a childlike faith? When we hear that word, childlike, we may be apt to think of the idea of being childish. But childlike is much more innocent than immature. Childlike is having a sense of wonder, openness, and trust in what life can bring. Those things can leave us as we venture out into the world. Skepticism, worry, anxiety, and fear can start to take hold. Maybe being childlike is not so bad? What in life makes you feel childlike in a positive way? Is it possible that being childlike brings a renewed faith in God as well?

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