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May 22 Teaching (Honest Doubt) and Things to Know

TEACHING:  Doubt and Faith are not opposite. They can go together. This teaching, “Honest Doubt” (click here to listen), explores the opposite of faith, which is actually pride. This teaching looks at many issues people face when considering how to pursue an active and living faith, while being honest about their doubts. This Sunday morning we will talk about the importance of “Survival” in being shaped by God in our faith. 
Things to Know:
COFFEE GROUP (ALL GENDERS):  The Coffee Group is open to all people and it allows people to talk about anything they would like. It meets on Saturday mornings at 8:00 at Zigi’s Coffee house on 104th & Federal (NW corner). John Stonecypher leads this group. Let him know if you need any more information ( 
THEOLOGY ON TAP:  We have Theology on Tap in 1 week–mark your calendars!.  It is Tuesday night, May 31st @ 7:00 p.m. The Topic is “What is a Soul”?  All opinions, ideas, and beliefs are welcome.  Come join us @ 7:00 that night @ Lazy Dog Pub & Grill on 120th, just east of Federal.  Come eat some dinner if you wish, have some drinks with everyone and discuss some interesting stuff.  See Adam Brown ( for more information.  
KING SOOPERS GIFT CARDS:  Continue to use your cards. All the money from these cards goes to Compassion Opportunities @ The Journey, including SEVENS, DIVE!, and food bank help.  The cards are free (and come with $5 already pre-loaded). They cost you nothing to use. You will add to it before your shopping (simply have the cashier add money to it BEFORE ringing you up or you can take it to the Customer Service Desk).  Shop or get gas and then use the card to pay. King Soopers gives The Journey 5% of all money used from these cards. Our goal is to bring in $500/month from these cards to continue to continue to do good in the world. If you need a card, ask one of the pastors and they will hook you up!
DIVE! FOOD AVAILABLE:  Since DIVE! began we have saved over 140,000 lbs of food that would otherwise be in landfills.  We also, though, gave a bunch of food away to those in need within our community.  If you are someone who is in need of food, please, please, please let us know.  You can reply to this e-mail (only the pastor’s see this) or contact Regina Mountjoy directly (call/text @ 303.956.2203 or e-mail @  

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