The Journey Church – A Place of Acceptance – An Emerging Church – Westminster, CO

A Place of

The Journey

Single? Divorced? Married?
Liberal? Conservative?
Doubt? Believe? Ignore?
Straight? Gay?
Female? Male?
Any race. Any culture.

We are all family, giving, learning, equal, and one flesh together

Come and be a part of something different.

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  • Monday Links

    ATHEISTS & CHRISTIANS–FEELS LIKE THE JOURNEY:  The way this is written feels very Journey-like. Conversations not conversions!   MILLENNIALS & PARENTS:  Millennials are bringing their parents on job interviews. Nothing awkward about that?!?!?!   HOW HAPPY ARE WE:  Ranking America’s happiness level. WHAT IS A HAPPY LIFE?:  This post talks about finding a healthier kind [...]

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  • Monday Links

    NEED A NAP:  This post gives the science of the perfect nap. NEW LEGALISM:  This post makes some interesting points about all people being legalists. STOP YELLING AT YOUR KIDS:  This post says it doesn’t work anyway.   GIRLS & COMPUTER SCIENCE: post says girls are not majoring in Computer Science as much any [...]

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  • Monday Links

    YOU ARE AN INTROVERT:  23 Signs you are secretly an introvert. Interesting things here, especially after yesterday’s teaching. WEDDING COSTS: It costs a lot to get married!   KEEP YO BUSINESS OFF FACEBOOK:  Video reminding a specific church to stop using social media in negative ways.   NO WRONG WAY TO HAVE A BODY:  One [...]

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  • Monday Links

    PLACEBO BUTTONS: The psychology of waiting–this is fascinating. DEFINING NARCISSISM:  An article trying to understand the level of narcissism among the generations. DIAMONDS ARE BS:  Interesting article on diamonds. WORK, PASSION, & CALLING:  Skylar sends this along about following our passion in work. It was quite interesting. 21 KIDS SELLING OUT THERE PARENTS: Some classic [...]

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  • Monday Links

    Some interesting links today. Hope you enjoy:   10 MYTHS ABOUT INTROVERTS: Click here to understand introverts better. CHANGE THE WORLD: Donald Miller sent along a video that came out 5 or 6 years ago, but still has a powerful message that goes beyond parenting. WOMEN ARE HAVING LESS CHILDREN:  This article comes on the [...]

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Every Sunday, 9:30 am and 11:00 a.m.
Kid’s Church & Nursery available at both services
Front Range Community College

3645 West 112th Avenue
Westminster, Colorado 80031

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