The Journey Church – A Place of Acceptance – An Emerging Church – Westminster, CO

A Place of

The Journey

Single? Divorced? Married?
Liberal? Conservative?
Doubt? Believe? Ignore?
Straight? Gay?
Female? Male?
Any race. Any culture.

We are all family, giving, learning, equal, and one flesh together

Come and be a part of something different.

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  • Monday Links

    DJESUS UNCROSSED:  An interesting discussion on the SNL sketch and what it says about American Christianity. BULLYING & THE HOPE OF CHRIST:  A story of bullying and finding hope. JUMPING FROG ORIGAMI:  Here is the jumping frog origami we did during our service yesterday.  Give it a try! CURING BLINDNESS:  There may finally be a [...]

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  • Monday Links

    RELIGIOUS STATES = UNHAPPY STATES:  A study discussing how religion is making people unhappy.  I have had decades of circumstantial evidence that makes this case, but here is a study! HEY CHRISTIANS, BE NICE!:  A post about why so many “Christians” also so hate-filled things on facebook, tweets, and blogposts.  Interesting. A DIRTY GOD:  A [...]

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  • Reconciliation–Decide to Communicate (Notes from 2/10/13)

    The Difference between Forgiveness & Reconciliation: WHO?Forgiveness:  One person Reconciliation: Two or more people WHAT?Forgiveness: Giving a giftReconciliation:  It is earned HOW?Forgiveness: Change of emotionsReconciliation:  Change of behavior WHERE?Forgiveness:  Within yourselfReconciliation:  Within the relationship STEP #1:  DecideDeciding NOT to reconcile:1)  Baggage: No need to re-open the relationship2)  Toxic people:  negative, mean, emotionally unstable with you, [...]

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  • Monday Links

    INTROVERTS:  The definitive guide to the introverted.  100 FOOT WAVE:  Wow, that is a surfer in there! THE BEATLES:  A collection of unseen photos. WHY DO WE MAKE BAD FINANCIAL DECISIONS:  Some interesting things to consider. CHRISTIANITY & DARWIN:  Differing views on Darwin.

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  • Monday Links

    YOU NEED JESUS AND. . .:  This post is a great definition of grace. STORIES OF MUTUAL SUBMISSION:  One couple’s explanation of having a truly equal marriage. TOP 10 BIBLE READING CITIES:  The top 10 Bible Reading cities in America. CATFISHING:  Click for an article about the digitial ethics of Te’o and Catfishing.

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Come and Visit!

Every Sunday, 9:30 am and 11:00 a.m.
Kid’s Church & Nursery available at both services
Front Range Community College

3645 West 112th Avenue
Westminster, Colorado 80031

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