The Journey Church – A Place of Acceptance – An Emerging Church – Westminster, CO

A Place of

The Journey

Single? Divorced? Married?
Liberal? Conservative?
Doubt? Believe? Ignore?
Straight? Gay?
Female? Male?
Any race. Any culture.

We are all family, giving, learning, equal, and one flesh together

Come and be a part of something different.

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  • Monday Links

    HOPE IN DARKNESS: One person’s opinion on how to find peace in the midst of life’s circumstances. ATHEIST PHOTOGRAPHER:  focuses on faith with an intriguing perspective. “CHRISTIAN” MUSIC: The lead singer of Switchfoot comments on the silliness of putting “Christian” in front of anything. DOUBLE STANDARD: A commercial from the Philippines discussing double standards for [...]

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  • Monday Links

    MOVIES AND MANHOOD:  A TED Talk on how movies teach manhood. ARE WE RAISING HELPLESS KIDS:  Interesting article. One of the best things for our family (Michael here) about going to The Journey is my kids having the opportunity to relate to adults in so many venues. Rather than constantly separating our youth, they are [...]

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  • Monday Links

    POPULAR POPE, SAME CHURCH?:  An article that states the Catholic church is not changing its hard-core views despite the attention the Pope is getting for his pastoral ways.   ATONEMENT:  Are humans less gracious than God? This article discussed why Jesus died and what it means for our sins. FEMINISM HURTS MEN:  A subversive take [...]

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  • Monday Links

    GEORGE CLOONEY, LEONARDO DICAPRIO & BASKETBALL:  A story for all the Saturday morning Basketball guys. LOVE & FEAR:  Something to ponder.   ALWAYS GO TO THE FUNERAL:  Life advice that transcends funerals. MOVING: Where are people moving to and from?  Blue mean moving to and brown means moving from. Go Las Vegas!   SPIRITUALITY IN [...]

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  • Monday Links

    GOD & BEER:  Yes, you can attract people to church by providing beer!   TALKING TO YOUR DAUGHTER ABOUT HER BODY:  Interesting article that will surely have some controversial thoughts. One of the radar thought–boys are being judged about their bodies too!   DIVORCE IN AMERICA:  Some sobering stats about divorce. MOMMY WARS: Missy passes [...]

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Come and Visit!

Every Sunday, 9:30 am and 11:00 a.m.
Kid’s Church & Nursery available at both services
Front Range Community College

3645 West 112th Avenue
Westminster, Colorado 80031

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