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Sacred Practices

At The Journey we relate to God through the ancient spiritual practices of our forefathers. We take the practices from various spiritual traditions, melding together a holistic understanding of God in our lives. Our goal is to make a lifestyle of Christ. We do not want God to be a compartment in our lives, but a part of everything. At The Journey we do not require anyone to do any of the practices, but simply provide them as possible ways to involve oneself in the life of Christ every day. For more guidance, listen to the series “Sacred Practices” on the teachings page of this website.

Click on the Titles below to read more about specific Sacred Practices.

Ancient Body Practices

Ancient Body Practices Physical things we can do with our body to bring balance to our lives in the midst of a culture of consumption. Scroll down to practice fasting, silence, the rosary, and the sign of the cross. 

Ancient Life Practices

Ancient Life Practices
These are sacred practices you can do in your every day life that will bring God’s sacred nature out of the culture in which we live. Scroll down to participate in the ancient life practices of Spirituality and Culture (music, film, creation/environment, and art) and simplicity.

Ancient Spirit Practices

Ancient Spirit Practices
Internal practices we can do in order to tune our hearts and minds to God and things of a spiritual nature.  Scroll down to practice the Centering Prayer, Prayer of Forgiveness (Breath Prayers), Breathing Exercises, Confession, and Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading). 

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Every Sunday, 9:30 am and 11:00 a.m.
Kid’s Church & Nursery available at both services
Front Range Community College

3645 West 112th Avenue
Westminster, Colorado 80031

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