The Journey Church – A Place of Acceptance – An Emerging Church – Westminster, CO

A Place of

The Journey

Single? Divorced? Married?
Liberal? Conservative?
Doubt? Believe? Ignore?
Straight? Gay?
Female? Male?
Any race. Any culture.

We are all family, giving, learning, equal, and one flesh together

Come and be a part of something different.

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  • Monday Links

    SATISFACTION OR HAPPINESS:  Click for a post comparing and contrasting the two. CONTROVERSIAL GAY THERAPY:  Click for a NY Times article discussing gay conversion therapy and whether it works or not.  Very controversial ideas with laws being put in place. ELECTION DAY LOYALTY & JESUS:  Click for one pastor’s take on being loyal to Christ [...]

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    COME TO THE JOURNEY:  Click for a great post about being who you are in all areas–what we call “living integrated”. MARRIAGE DEFEATERS:  Click for an article about John Gottman’s 4 marriage defeaters and a look at what makes a marriage flourish, in his opinion. LEAVING THE CHURCH:  Click for Brian McLaren’s take on why [...]

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    ZOMBIE TEENS:  Wait, teenagers don’t sleep?  Click for an article about teen sleep habits and what is actually needed. FAKE GAY?:  Click for an interesting interview about a guy who chose to pretend to be gay.  LOSING FAITH?:  Click for an article asking if you are less religious than your parents. DREAMS & CREATIVITY:  Click [...]

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    THE RISE OF THE “NONES”:  Click for a review from the Pew Research institution of religious affiliation.  Interesting numbers and graphs about who does and does not go to church. INTROVERTS UNITE:  Click for yet another book on introverts.  “Quiet” came out earlier this year and shot up the bestsellers list.  The focus over the [...]

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  • Monday Links

    NOT ENOUGH?  BE GRATEFUL:  Click for a post about how to spiritually handle a culture that tells us we are not enough. EXHAUSTION IS NOT A STATUS SYMBOL:  Click for a good discussion on the need to go of productivity being tied to self-worth. LONG HOURS VS. RESULTS:  Click for a really interesting article on [...]

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Come and Visit!

Every Sunday, 9:30 am and 11:00 a.m.
Kid’s Church & Nursery available at both services
Front Range Community College

3645 West 112th Avenue
Westminster, Colorado 80031

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