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About Us

The Journey Church is a community of people who strive to love God and love others. Everything we do and talk about comes from that ideal. We want everyone to feel they have a place where they can belong and join with others to push for good things in the world.

Equal Leadership: Pastors and Care Ministers

At The Journey, we embrace a balanced leadership structure with multiple equal pastors and Care Ministers, promoting gender equality and open leadership opportunities for all.

Our Thoughts on Church Pastors

At The Journey, we believe that having multiple equal pastors provides a balanced environment for leadership. We also believe in gender equality, as all people are individuals with unique personalities, passions, and talents. And so, our leadership structure is one of multiple, equal pastors, both women, and men, who lead the church together as a team.

Our Thoughts on Care Ministers

At The Journey, we also have leaders called “Care Ministers.” The Care Ministers are teams of people who humbly serve others in the church through compassion and sacrificial inclusion. They also assist the pastors with the leadership and spiritual care of the church. We believe that all people are called to minister both inside and outside our church community, and so leadership is open to everyone in a variety of ways.

Our Staff

Get to know the people who make The Journey a place of warmth, inclusion, and spiritual growth.

Meet the Heart and Soul of The Journey: Our dedicated team of leaders and staff members bring their unique talents and passions to serve our community. Each one plays a vital role in nurturing our church’s mission to love God and love others.