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Non-Denominational Church in Westminster, CO

A place of acceptance, to love God and to find community with others.

At The Journey Church, we walk alongside each other in faith, love, and service. Join us in a celebration of community and the shared pursuit of spiritual growth. Your journey has a home here.

Kids Church

Fun and Faith for Kids: Our Kids Church offers a dynamic, safe, and engaging environment for children to learn about faith and build lasting friendships. 

Our programs are full of fun activities, meaningful lessons, and opportunities for personal growth. Learn more about how we nurture the young hearts and minds in our community.

Together in Faith

Embracing Every Journey
Discover a community where everyone belongs, regardless of beliefs, backgrounds, or lifestyles. Our faith is centered on the belief that God’s love transcends all differences, creating a space where each individual is valued and connected. We are committed to a journey of love, understanding, and spiritual growth that honors the essence of humanity as envisioned by a relational and compassionate God. Join us in a celebration of life, where every moment is an opportunity for worship and every act a reflection of divine love.

Upcoming Events